Authentic GS1 origin barcodes for your products. Valid for use in India and worldwide.

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Here at Buy Barcodes India you can buy genuine EAN-13 and UPC barcodes at great prices.

We provide new retail barcodes for use in India (and worldwide), in accordance with GS1 standards.

We guarantee that our barcodes are compatible with the global UPC/EAN barcode system and can be used in India and internationally.

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What will you receive?

  • Authentic EAN-13 barcodes, never used before, valid in India and internationally;
  • Barcode images in JPG, PDF, PNG and SVG to be conveniently adapted to your needs;
  • Immediate delivery! As soon as your request is made, the files will be sent automatically to your e-mail.

Quantity: 1 Barcode
₹1,200 per barcode
Quantity: 2 Barcodes
₹900 per barcode
Quantity: 5 Barcodes
₹760 per barcode
Quantity: 10 Barcodes
₹600 per barcode
Quantity: 25 Barcodes
₹360 per barcode
Quantity: 50 Barcodes
₹240 per barcode
Quantity: 100 Barcodes
₹170 per barcode
Quantity: 200 Barcodes
₹110 per barcode
Quantity: 500 Barcodes
₹70 per barcode
Quantity: 1000 Barcodes
₹40 per barcode
Quantity: 2000 Barcodes
₹30 per barcode
Quantity: 5000 Barcodes
₹15 per barcode
Quantity: 10000 Barcodes
₹10 per barcode

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