Authentic GS1 origin barcodes for your products. Valid for use in India and worldwide.

What We Guarantee

What We Guarantee

  • Any EAN-13 and UPC barcode numbers that you buy from us will be globally unique numbers that belong to your company and to your product – the barcode numbers will never have been used on a retail product before.

  • You will be the sole legal owner of your barcode numbers. No other person or company will be able to legally use your barcode on their product without your permission.

  • Our barcodes are a single one-off price, and you will own your barcode numbers for life. You will not be charged joining fees or annual membership fees.

  • All the EAN-13 and UPC barcode numbers that we supply are legal for use worldwide.

  • Our barcodes are legal for use and available for a one-off cost (no annual fees) because they come from a prefix obtained from the UCC (Now called GS1-US) prior to the 2002 UCC Class Action Lawsuit.

  • All barcode images are supplied as high quality in several different file formats.

  • Any information we give you is true to the best of our knowledge at the time.